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Package Minutes Sunbed Prices

Our packaged sunbed minutes offer the most unbeatable value for money. They are also valid for 12-months from the date of purchase.

Pay-as-you-go Sunbed Prices

Tanning in Gloucestershire

Our state-of-the-art salon was built from the ground up to provide you with the ultimate tanning experience.

We spared no expense when designing and building our salon, and we want to give you the tanning experience you desire.

We have the latest and most expensive stand-up and lie-down sunbeds. We charge on a per three minute basis as well as offering sunbed courses which work out considerably cheaper.

If you want long lasting results, then look no further.

No appointments are necessary with our sunbeds.

Hybrid technology for a better overall tan

Faster tanning, with air conditioning

The BEST and newest Ergoline stand-up and lie-down sunbeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Beauty Spot Glos?

We combine world class sunbeds, outstanding facilities. At the Beauty Spot, all of our emissions are lowered to the safe level of 0.3% and our tubes are digitally monitored to ensure superior quality at all times. We’re open 7 days a week from 9am until 10pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday’s, 11am to 6pm on Sunday’s and there’s no appointment necessary.

Lay down experience

With state of the art facilities and top of the range sunbeds, our equipment is modern, clean and safe and caters for a range of preferences. Relax on our powerful, air conditioned sunbeds and adjust the preferences to tailor your requirements.

Stand up experience

If lay down tanning is not your thing, try our amazing high tech vertical sunbeds. Combining the same great technology as our lay down range, the vertical sunbeds will give you a great all around tan as you dance to the music!

Great products

To maximise your tan, we offer a wide range of carefully selected products – From accelerators to bronzers and from anti aging serums to tanning drinks, you can be sure of the highest salon quality at all times. We always welcome feedback too. Do you love something or loathe something? Let us know!

Our promise

Whatever you’re tanning style, we promise the same great result every time. Our tubes are monitored digitally to ensure they are changed regularly and our equipment is of the highest quality available. There’s no tan like a Beauty Spot tan but don’t just take our word for it… Come and see for yourself!

The Science bit

The tubes used in our sun beds have between 4-6 times less UVB than other tubes on the market which means the sun beds are very safe and comply with European legislation 0.3 UV emission. At the same time, they have a very high level of UVA which generates a very fast and natural coloured tan. The combination of the size and quality of the beds, with the latest tube technology provides outstanding results, superb comfort and safety without compromise.


To make sure you’re tanning safely, it is important that you follow the advice below:

  • Do not use a sunbed if you are under 18
  • You must wear goggles every time you use a sunbed
  • Understand your skin type and make sure you stick to the recommended time
  • Start slowly and build up your tan gradually to avoid burning
  • Never use a sunbed on the same day as sunbathing outdoors

Knowing your Skin Type 

The skin types, recommended usage and session times below are only to be used as a guide and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your skin.

Skin Type 1

Description: Red hair and skin that does not tan easily and prone to burning.
Recommended usage: We recommend you do not use a sunbed or test with a maximum of 5 minutes with reduced Face Tanner output. Once / if a tan has been achieved, never tan for longer than 10 minutes per session.

Skin Type 2

Description: Fair skin that will tan eventually, with blonde or brown hair.
Recommended usage: Start with 10 minutes if you are a beginner or usually tan but currently have a pale complexion and increase to 12-14 minutes over the next few sessions when you have achieved a tan.

Skin Type 3

Description: Fair to light brown skin and light to dark brown hair, will tan easily.
Recommended usage: Start with 12 minutes initially and increase to 14 – 16 minutes when a tan is achieved.

Skin Type 4

Description: Dark skin and dark hair, will tan quickly and never burn.
Recommended usage: Start with 14 minutes initially and increase to 16 – 20 minutes when a tan is achieved.

We all want a beautiful dark tan that lasts longer so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your tanning session:

  • Start slow
    Building up your tan gradually will give you a darker tan that lasts longer
  • Use tanning lotions
    These contain ingredients like hemp to speed up the tanning process while intensively moisturising your skin.
  • Exfoliate regularly 
    Exfoliating before tanning will remove dead skin cells, making your tan more even and longer lasting.
  • Exercise 
    Exercising before tanning increases blood flow to the skin, stimulating the production of melanin (the pigment that makes you brown) and speeding up the tanning process.
  • Water 
    Hydrated skin exfoliates slower so to make your tan last longer drink plenty of water and moisturise regularly.

Quite simply, Yes! These lotions help you tan faster, moisturise and many help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By supplying your skin with much needed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and moisture, these lotions can help you tan up to 60% better than using no lotion at all.

Mother nature has a way of taking care of us in many aspects of our life and tanning is just another of mother nature’s wonders. When we are born, our skin has a reflective quality to reduce the amount of UV penetration and this reflects more than half the normal sunlight.

Although we recognise it as a “look good” advantage, a tan is our body’s natural protection from the sun. Tanning lotions break this barrier down so you get nearly 100% of the sunlight going deep into the skin for a longer lasting, better looking tan. Lotion also speeds up the production of the Melanin.

Melanin is the chemical compound that holds the tan. It travels from deep in the skin to the surface faster and that’s what turns into a nice golden brown suntan. When tanning indoor or out, moisture is lost from the skin. Use a good daily moisturiser after tanning, showers or exercise to keep a healthy glowing skin tone.

Choose a good quality lotion when tanning. Don’t scrimp on moisturiser, get the best quality product that you can afford. Exposure to UVA can cause skin to dry up. A high quality tanning lotion can help prevent and reduce these effects as well as extending the colour of your tan.

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